Brides of Bengal: Art Exhibition & Cultural Showcase


This time of the year marks one of the biggest festivals in India- Durga Puja/Navratri- the festival that celebrates the power of women. Durga puja in Bengal, is the biggest spectacle in the country and a very significant socio-cultural event. The mesmerizing rituals, mega events are a visual retreat and it is often said that during this time Bengal turns into a walking art gallery. Brides of Bengal play a significant role in the rituals and ceremonies of the festival. Thus, as part of Maya Fest 2019, through Brides of Bengal- Art exhibition & cultural showcase, we attempt to share an overview to this artistic splendor.

It's about history, tradition, sacred rituals, symbolism, and more....

We are delighted to have worked together with noted artist from West Bengal, India Mrs. Ranita Deb to create these artworks...

Please keep watching this space....

Bengal In Brief



High peaks of the mighty Himalayas (as in Darjeeling), the largest mangrove forest in the world (The Sundarbans delta), pristine coastal region (along the Bay of Bengal- the largest bay in the world), fertile plains of the sacred river Ganges and more- that is geographically West Bengal- a state in eastern India.

Chandragupta Mayurya


There is evidence of human habitation in the region for over 20,000 years. The region was well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Embraced by the mighty Indian empires like Maurya, Magadha, Gupta and more. Have been at the centre of attention of multiple 

Sultanates/Mughal dynasties, Rajputs and Marathas, a land that received immigrants/settlements from West/Central Asia, Africa, Armenia, Austria, China, Denmark, England, France, Persia, Portugal,Turkey, Netherlands and many more. Heartland of the British Raj, epicentre of Renaissance (in Bengal) and India's freedom movement- This is Historically Bengal...!