Maya Fest 2019

Maya Fest 2019

Maya Fest 2019


While spring is knocking its door here in Australia, the much-awaited festive season is springing up in India. It was in one such spring that 'Maya' was born- in concept, in principle and in practice. Here’s the brief background of ‘Maya’. It started with the initiative Maya: Indian Women Through Indian arts”, followed by launching our brands Maya of Australia ® Organic Darjeeling tea (Pure and premium organic Darjeeling tea in Australia), Maya Indian ArtsTM (authentic Indian arts in Australia), Maya Creations TM (our selective range of art-themed gifts to suit every occasion) and Maya EmporiumTM – (an exclusive Darjeeling Tea and Indian art gallery in Australia).

  Maya: Meaning

Mayais an alternate name of Hindu goddess Durga- symbol of feminine power, multi-dimensional with many personas and facets.

Maya Fest

Maya Fest is a celebration of Maya and we say, 

“....Maya is not an illusion but...

...Strength, Character, Beauty, Courage, Karma and more.....”.

September to November is festive season in India. It is about colours, rituals, lights, energy and enthusiasm; time for biggest festivals of the year like Durga Puja/Navratri (celebration of the feminine power and victory of good over evil), Deepawali (festival of lights) and more. Close on its heels, we celebrate Christmas together both here in Australia and there. 

  Maya Fest 2019

We have many colourful creations adorning our gallery. Two major art-exhibitions/Culture Showcase/multiple-events/new collections of Maya Creations (range of art-themed gifts) during the festive season and more. 

Please meet us at any of our point of interaction to celebrate the journey together- with positivity, celebrating creations, spreading happiness and warmth!

a. Art-exhibition/ Culture Showcase- 1: Brides of Bengal

b. Art-exhibition/ Culture Showcase- 2: Let’s Warli: Togetherness in Action

  Gratitude and Invitation

Our brands/products/creations (be it Darjeeling tea, authentic Indian art works etc.) or projects (like Let’s warli and more) have been designed keeping ecosystem- based partnership principles and sustainable development in mind, as explained below- 

a. We source ethically, our premium, pure, authentic organic Darjeeling teas directly from the plantations, packed at source for consumers here in Australia, to enjoy the fresh and finest teas in the world, at a reasonable price.

b. We work directly with artists/art organisations (even from remote tribal/indigenous villages of India), encourage/support them to help conserve these cultural heritages, for the world to experience.

c. In our own capacity, we have generated local employment, income for local Australian businesses while supporting local schools/community organisations in the ways we could.

We would like to thank all our well-wishers for their kind support thus far and invite one and all to join our journey!

Please visit us at Maya Emporium, meet us at any of our point of interaction. Contact us for bulk/corporate orders, gifts for the festive season or relevant products for regular use. You may even choose to pre-order for customized packaging/custom branding and we will be able to run through your requirements.

Let's be in the journey together- with positivity, celebrating creations, spreading happiness and warmth!